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Alternative Medicine
4 Alternative-Medicine Websites With Evidence-Based Reviews

health-websitesWebsites that provide reliable, evidence-based opinions, facts and reviews about complementary, alternative and integrative medicines.

Apitherapy: Honey and Bee Venom for Your Health. Does It Work?
apitherapyApitherapy: Honey and bee venom for coughs, wounds and arthritis. Does it work? A doctor examines the evidence.
Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work? A Doctor's Opinion on Back, Neck Treatments and More

chiropracic-adjustmentAre chiropractic adjustments a scam, quackery or proven to work? A doctor looks at the evidence. Included: treatment for back pain, neck pain, more.

Does Music Therapy Work? Evidence and facts, from a psychiatrist

music-therapyCan the right music, played at the right volume, affect the course of medical ailments, soothe the nerves or enhance quality of life? Studies say: Yes!

Capsaicin Treatment: Hot Peppers for Headaches and Arthritis
2008-03-hot-pepper-cream-thumb.jpgCapsaicin is the chemical that makes peppers hot. Creams made with it can help treat headaches, back pain and arthritis pain. Here's how it works.
Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons: Expert Opinions
Two experts debate the pros and cons of medical marijuana, offering opinions on whether it should be legalized.
Doctors' Home Remedies: Ways to Use Stuff Around the House


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Does Melatonin Work for Insomnia? A Doctor Answers
melatonin for insomniaMany people take the supplement melatonin to help them sleep. But does it really work? An integrative-medicine doctor examines the evidence.

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