AHA Expains Easier Way to Resuscitate

James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.

It has now become easier for someone with no training to attempt to revive a person whose heart has stopped. The American Heart Association recommends that, if you witness someone who becomes unconscious, do not perform mouth-to-mouth unless you have training. Rather you should:

1. Call or have someone call 911.

2. Put the person on a flat, firm surface and repeatedly compress the mid-chest firmly and quickly until the ambulance arrives. Those easy compressions you see on TV programs won’t get it. The compressions need to be hard so that you are compressing the heart to circulate blood throughout the body.

See more information on this at the AHA website link: http://handsonlycpr.eisenberginc.com/.

They recommend this change after studies have shown that it increases survival, over the first few minutes, about as much as using mouth-to-mouth with compressions. They hope more people will be willing to do the compressions. If you have proper training in cpr, then the recommendation is to use the mouth-to-mouth method, along with chest compressions, but at a ratio of 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

Be a hero. Save a life.

An article in the periodical, Circulation, has details.

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  1. Judy Rodman Says:

    I wondered about this… I’d heard rumors. Thanks for clearing this up. I can’t remember the number of breaths/compressions I learned once in cpr training, but I could compress someone’s mid-chest till 911 got there!

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