Heat-related deaths climb with the temperature. What you can do.

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H

Don’t let the heat get you down. There are steps you can follow to avoid heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat strokes.

According to the AP there have been at least 30 heat-related deaths this year. You can decrease your risk.

With the first heat waves of the summer, no one’s body is used to this (acclimated). Everyone should start out slow with frequent rests. I don’t care if you worked last summer in 100 heat with no trouble you still are at risk. Drink plenty of fluids, take rest periods in the coolest area you can find, work in the coolest part of the day.

When the temperatures go above 90 and the humidity rises, check on the elderly or chronically ill. Make sure they have their air conditioners on, or their fans and windows open. Urge them to drink fluids. Sometimes they do not recognize that they are getting to hot, their body’s cooling mechanisms might not work properly and they may get confused.

As the summer goes on you will get more acclimated. Still there will be times when the temperature soars and you will need to follow the above rules. Here’s our article with some more summer safety tips.

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One Response to “Heat-related deaths climb with the temperature. What you can do.”

  1. Mark Salinas Says:

    Fortunately in MN we have not had the heat problem as of yet this year. Too much rain for us! Anyway the heat will come and no doubt the challenges will follow. From the article, the two I do follow consistently are… “Exercise before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. and Keep Drinking.” Many more tips to follow in the article.
    Very good detail and advice as always!

    Mark Salinass last blog post..Motivation and Fitness

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