What You Need to Know That a Pharmacist Won’t Tell You

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.

Reader’s Digest website has “13 Things Your Pharmacist Won’t Tell You.” There are some good tips, such as asking about the $4.00 generics.  Some chains offer this on certain generic drugs, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Better yet, get a list to show to your health-care provider so he or she can prescribe one if it’s appropriate.  Just don’t insist since the drug for your condition may not be on the list.

My addition to tip number three (basically, “Pharmacists make mistakes, too”): Always check you prescriptions before you leave, if possible.  Make sure you have all your medicines, in the right quantity, and that they are what you were prescribed (having asked your doctor what he or she is prescribing before you leave the office).

As a consumer, I was surprised with Secret # 2.

It reads:

We are not serving fries in here.  I’d think twice about using a drive-through pharmacy.  Working there distracts us–not a good thing when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

I have gone through the drive-through as well as used the in-store window in my local pharmacy, and can’t see how it would make a difference.  The pharmacist is out of the way doing his/her thing and a clerk waits on me giving me the bottles and taking my money.  I must be missing something.

I would love to hear what anyone else thinks, including pharmacists and consumers, to see what I am missing.  Are there any surprises on the list for you?

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4 Responses to “What You Need to Know That a Pharmacist Won’t Tell You”

  1. Mark Salinas Says:

    Wow! Good tips…thanks!

    Mark Salinass last blog post..Daily Life Challenge

  2. James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor Blog » Blog Archive » More things your pharmacist isn’t telling you Says:

    [...] This follows their list of “13 Secrets Your Pharmacist Won’t Tell You” on which I have already blogged.  I like this new list better.  It boils down to one thing.  Talk to your pharmacist.  Ask [...]

  3. PharmD Says:

    Pharmacies are busy and are trying to get your meds to you and to your sick family members as quickly as possible. DO NOT bring a full shopping cart to the pharmacy window and ask “can I check out here?” If you child is sick, do you want to wait for someone doing that??!!! Don’t go through the drive through and ask for milk, or other items. We are NOT your personal shoppers!!!

  4. Leigh Ann Otte Says:

    Thank you for the tips, PharmD. The thought of a carton of milk coming through that automated box at the drive through makes me giggle for some reason. Maybe that’s a business someone needs to start: drive-through grocery shopping.

    Leigh Ann Otte
    Managing Editor

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