Bottled water no better that tap says environmental advocacy group

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines, “study finds contaminants in bottled water.”  Just the type of health news everyone loves to print, the scare of the day.  I’m doing it, too.  Who cares who did the study or was it peer reviewed?  This news sells.  An environmental advocacy group called Environmental Working Group did the tests on bottled water.  I don’t know the group.  I assume they are legit.   But what did they really find?

They found that bottled water is not completely pure.  Did you really think it was?  They found that it meets federal guidelines, but a couple of bottle samples were over the stricter California guidelines.  They state is is no better than tap.

I see good news in this.  U.S. tap water is healthy; bottled water is healthy.  There have been rare exceptions, but the point is, don’t stop drinking water.  You will find no other healthier drink.

I am happy we have this new information.  If you worry about a certain chemical, view their testing results, but also look up testing on your local tap water and compare.  The pure mountain streams or artisan wells we yearn for have their own problems and always have.

As the testers suggest, you can purchase a reverse osmosis or charcoal filter for your tap line.  But I’ll bet, in a few years, something will be found wrong with them.

In the meantime, drink U.S. water, whether it is tap, bottled or filtered.  It is the best drink in the world.

How do you feel about your water?  Will these findings change your drinking habits?

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6 Responses to “Bottled water no better that tap says environmental advocacy group”

  1. FatFighterTV Says:

    We use a charcoal filter in our water at home – I hope they don’t find anything wrong with them, too! All I know is I’m a big water drinker and always notice slight “off” tastes and the filter definitely makes the water taste good!

  2. Miz Liz Says:

    I’m glad you posted this story. Personally, I started to drink bottled water after I moved to Maryland; the water here tastes awful. Did the whole cooler thing and then cases and now I’ve installed a water filter on the tap and it’s fine. No more plastic and lots less expensive.

  3. cathy Says:

    I always love your perspective! Lots of water in bottled water is straight from municipal tap water supplies, so this report really isn’t surprising. I guess I’m actually heartened that they didn’t find anything really bad in the bottled water. Like you say above, we’re fortunate to have good options in both tap and bottled water here in the states.

  4. jhubbard Says:

    Thanks Cathy, Miz Liz and FatFightTV.
    I’m glad you agree that it is important to drink water, whatever the source. If taste matters, do what is necessary.

  5. Sagan Says:

    I’ve always been a tap water person. I could never be bothered to buy a bottle of water:)

    Waters the best drink there is!

  6. James Hubbard Says:

    I agree Sagan. Thanks for the comment

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