Federal Trade Commission offers new Web site for seniors, but looks useful for all.

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.

The Federal Trade Commission has a brand new Web site called Who Cares: Sources of Information About Health Care Products and Services. As it suggests on their home page, you can:

  • find links to organizations that provide reliable health information.
  • learn how to spot misleading claims.
  • find out where to ask questions, enlist help or raise a concern about a health product or service that isn’t living up to its promise.

It is a small, easy to use Web site with general information about things such as scams, frauds, prescriptions, Medicare plans, supplements, caregiver services, LASIK surgery, etc.  The summaries are concise and general.  The major value is the links they provide to find more information on the subjects mentioned.

They say the site is for seniors and their families, but it is worth anyone’s time to take a quick look.

What is your critique of the site?

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