Last-minute gift idea (in time for under the tree!)

Hi! It’s Leigh Ann, managing editor, again.

Scrambling for the perfect gift? Need something for under the tree? Well, scramble no more! Here’s what you do.

  1. Buy a gift subscription to the best health magazine around, James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor.
  2. Print out our free preview PDF.
  3. Wrap the preview; stick it under the tree with a card mentioning the subscription, and voila! You’re done!

Why this magazine–of all the gifts you could get?

  • Each issue has all kinds of inside scoops! (Like cooking substitutions from registered dietitians and personal medical tips from doctors.)
  • NO SHIPPING CHARGES or standing in line!
  • It lasts all year.
  • It’s a unique, fun find.
  • It’s great for anybody (mom, dad, senior, single, college kid …). Everyone benefits from learning about health!

… And, unlike many health publications:

  • JHMFD sticks to the facts. We don’t pump dubious studies, sensationalize scary finds or go crazy over unproven fads.
  • The magazine is written by health-care providers, who can tell if studies, therapies and claims are really all that.
  • We pick writers based on what kind of doctors we think they are. We don’t care if they’ve treated Celeb-of-the-Day or been on the biggest talk shows if they’re spouting off information that’s just not right.
  • We’re independent and do not participate in pay-for-play.

What do you think? Convinced? If not, check for a lump of coal in your stocking next week. I’ve got connections.

Happy holidays!

NEW! Send customized issues of
James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor to customers or patients you choose. Just e-mail for details.

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