Soy is good for you but needs more research, says registered dietitian

by Leigh Ann Otte, managing editor

Remember when the experts were telling us to eat more soy? Tofu, edamame—lap it up! Then, wouldn’t ya know it, we were told it causes cancer. Thyroid problems. Male infertility. Too much of a good thing …

In “The Soy Controversy,” registered dietitian Janel Ovrut considers the evidence to give us the bottom line: what we know and what we don’t about soy right now.

What do you think? Do you eat soy? Has it ever worried you? I, for one, love it. Roasted soy butter (like peanut butter), edamame, tofu … yum ….

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2 Responses to “Soy is good for you but needs more research, says registered dietitian”

  1. WarmSocks Says:

    There are some good recipes using tofu. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to soy (so are two of my kids and one of my brothers) so we read labels carefully and make sure we don’t eat it.

  2. lhubbard Says:

    Allergic to soy? That’s no fun. Good point, though: For some people, it IS dangerous.

    Leigh Ann Otte
    Managing Editor

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