Would you eat meat from cloned animals?

by Leigh Ann Otte, managing editor

Did you know it’s legal to sell meat from cloned animals–but the USDA has asked companies not to because people are wary of it? We just posted a debate about whether it really is safe here.

Though meat from cloned animals isn’t supposed to be in your grocery store, meat from their offspring has been there for years. Proponents say it’s no different than regular meat. Skeptics say we don’t know that yet. What do you think? (You can share here or in the article’s comments section.)

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One Response to “Would you eat meat from cloned animals?”

  1. larry Says:

    Why eat meat at all. Meat is unhealthy. It leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc…. Vegan diet are easy and provide all the nutrients you need for every age according to the ADA.

    Check out this video: http://meat.org

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