Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal? Experts Debate, on National Pot Smoking Day.

by Leigh Ann Otte

Today, 4/20, is National Pot Smoking Day. Yeah, it’s unofficial. But around the country, people will be smoking marijuana at 4:20 p.m.

So we thought this would be the perfect moment to examine a different side of this illegal drug: the medical one.

According to, 420 started its illustrious association with marijuana in 1971, when a dozen or so high-school kids decided that’s when they’d meet to smoke pot. Now, 420 is known as the marijuana number. Thus, April 20 has become the marijuana day.

In some states, people can legally smoke marijuana today, or any day—if they’re doing it for legitimate and vetted medical purposes. They’re still violating federal law, but late last year, the Justice Department announced prosecution of such violations wouldn’t be a “priority.”

But should marijuana really be legal for such purposes? Many argue yes. Many others say the bad outweighs any good. We asked two mental-health providers to debate the topic, giving us just the facts (ma’am). Here’s what they had to say. You can weigh in too.

P.S. Got teens? You might want to keep an eye on ‘em this afternoon.

Leigh Ann Otte is managing editor of

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2 Responses to “Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal? Experts Debate, on National Pot Smoking Day.”

  1. Carlo Lighvan Says:

    I can’t comprehend why anybody would be against the legalization of the thing. I mean, it says it right there in its name: it’s MEDICAL marijuana. Anybody who opposes anything that could help medicine advance is not a clearly-thinking individual, in my opinion.

    Peace out

  2. Bet 365 Says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog after work! Thanks for doing what you do!

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