Can’t Lose Weight? Maybe This Is Why

We came up with eight good reasons you’re not losing weight. Well, maybe.

The truth is, most of us can lose weight and even keep it off if we do the right things. But every once in a while, there really is a good reason those pounds just won’t come off.

In “8 Reasons for Weight Gain That Are Not Your Fault!” we list signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of causes. Yes, family history and medicine are two of them. But did you know lack of sleep may contribute to weight gain? Stress and depression can too. And then there are serious diseases that are important to get diagnosed, like underactive thyroid and PCOS.

So check ‘em out. If they don’t speak to you, maybe they’ll ring true of a friend. Then the question becomes, how do you delicately forward the article?

Good luck with that.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Lose Weight? Maybe This Is Why”

  1. Weight Loss Video | Says:

    [...] Can’t Lose Weight? Maybe This Is Why ( [...]

  2. Sherlin Says:

    Some people think that skipping their breakfast and lunch can make them slim, so please you are wrong. Breakfast is a must, that you should not skip because it boosts your brain and gives energy to your body. Lunch should include salads, vegetables. If you really want to skip some food you can skip your dinner, instead have some juices. Drink lot of water in the whole day.

  3. fitness girl Says:

    I am a person who skip meals let myself starve just to think i will get slimmer but as i have notice nothings change.In the past i experience headache result of not eating regularly.Now i eat in the morning a little trying to control my stomache.

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