Quirky or Psychiatrist-Worthy? How to Tell If You Have a Problem

by Leigh Ann Otte

This week, we’re featuring one of my favorite articles: “Are You Normal? The Difference Between Quirks and Mental Illness.” In it, you get to play psychiatrist. Four fictional people tell their brief stories, and you decide whether they need help. Then, a real psychiatrist gives you his opinion.

It’s an eye-opening article that answers interesting questions like, if you hear voices, do you have schitzophrenia? If your friends think you’re obsessively neat, might you have OCD? And what do panic attacks really feel like?

After you read the article, tell us what your score was! Did you guess right?

Leigh Ann Otte
is the managing editor of MyFamilyDoctorMag.com and a freelance writer, editor and blogger.

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