Color-Code Your M&M’s — and Other Halloween Candy Calorie Tips

by Leigh Ann Otte

Halloween’s so much fun. Gorging yourself on Handing out candy. Helping the kids eat sort their finds. Dealing with the moans and groans and sugar crashes—the kids’, of course.

OK, fine, cover the kids’ ears: sometimes, adults like to eat Halloween candy too. There, we said it. Nothing wrong with it, except, the munching can extend beyond Halloween—before, after, way after.

Nutrition experts recommend moderation, not thrashing yourself over a candy corn. To help with said moderation, registered dietitian Carol Bareuther offers some tips in this week’s featured article, “Halloween Candy Nutriton: Calories, Fat—and Good News!” Tips like:

  • In small studies, people have eaten more candy when offered different colors. So sort the M&M’s. Don’t tell your brain.
  • Eat a candy bar; freeze the rest.
  • It’s true: candy corn and Tootsie Rolls have fewer calories per serving than many of their candy-bar counterparts.
  • Special Dark Hershey’s Kisses have 20 fewer calories per serving than the milk-chocolate ones.
  • Sure, that Butterfinger King Size candy bar has 160 calories … per serving … which is 1/3 of the package! Don’t let those wrappers fool you.

What’s your Halloween candy ritual like? Do you eat it, or do you have steel resolve? How ’bout your kids?

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