One Sweet Potato = 15 Candy Corns (Get Easy Recipes!)

by Leigh Ann Otte

Let me get this straight. One medium sweet potato equals somewhere around:

  • 15 pieces of candy corn OR
  • four Tootsie Rolls OR
  • four Hershey’s Kisses OR
  • half of a Snicker’s bar

And sweet potatoes are … sweet! It’s too good to be true.

Wanna check my math? (You probably should. My subject was English.) The Halloween candy calories were in last week’s featured article, and the sweet potato ones were in this week’s. Lucky for us, this week’s article also has some simple cooking ideas for those seasonal goodies. They’d make for a pretty neat Halloween dinner, eh? Plus, in a double play this week, you get a bonus article: a recipe for a cheesy sweet potato casserole. Get some protein with that pretend candy.

If you cook sweet potatoes for Halloween, we want to hear about it! How did you cook them? How’d they go over?

Fifteen pieces of candy corn. Wow. And it’ll fill you up too.

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