Thanksgiving Pies: The Healthiest Sugary Picks

by Leigh Ann Otte

If you want to pick one of the healthiest pies this Thanksgiving, go for the blueberry, says registered dietitian Carol M. Bareuther. It’s got antioxidants galore.

Another good one? Pumpkin. It boasts fewer calories than many, and one slice has up to half of the daily recommendation for vitamin A.

One of the worst is yummy old chocolate, with high saturated fat and calories. But it’s also high in taste value, I gotta say.

Find all the fun facts in this week’s featured article, “Pie Nutrition: How to Pick a Healthy Slice,” where you’ll also learn how to lighten up your coconut cream pie, and why cherry pie may help your jet lag. (I said might.)

Are you planning on some pie eatin’ this Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite?

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2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Pies: The Healthiest Sugary Picks”

  1. Dr D Says:

    We didn’t have pumpkin or I would have gone for it. Alas I need to hit the gym this week. Happy Holidays!
    Dr D recently posted..Obama’s Health Care Plan – Sad But True Humor

  2. lotte Says:

    Dr D: We had a pumpkin pecan pie. I still think that counts. :-)

    Leigh Ann Otte
    Managing Editor

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