Poisonous Poinsettias and Merry Christmas Coronaries: Happy Winter!

by Leigh Ann Otte

Winter doesn’t start until December 21, but according to my local box store, the Christmas season has been in full swing since before Halloween. And many of you have seen snow already. So I think our winter-health article fits right in this week, don’t you?

Merry Christmas!

In “7 Winter-Health Questions With Expert Tips,” you’ll learn the best prescription cough medicines, tips for getting your kids out of bed while it’s still dark, whether poinsettias and mistletoe are dangerous for children, and just how precarious snow shoveling is (or really kinda isn’t, comparatively speaking).

Plus, have you heard of the merry Christmas coronary? Heart attacks are more common during the winter holidays! “Causes include too much stress (leading to high blood pressure), food, alcohol and tobacco, and a variation from regular exercise routines,” writes cardiologist Barry Cohen. He gives quick tips on how to avoid this coal-lump of a Christmas surprise.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year.

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