Got a Fever? Blame Your Brain

by Leigh Ann Otte

When you have a temperature, your brain doesn’t think that’s a problem. In fact, it’s the culprit behind the sweating and shivering. A little brainy gland called the hypothalamus has reset the body’s temperature to a higher degree. Experts aren’t sure why, but it may be helping kill bacteria.

If you find that interesting, step right up, step right up! You’ll love this week’s featured article, “Causes of Night Fever: Why It’s Higher Later.” The reasons it rises at night are pretty commonsensical. You may be surprised.

By the way, why do you sometimes have chills with a fever? Your body thinks it’s cold because of the reset higher temperature, according to the article. See? Common sense. Weird, huh?

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Leigh Ann Otte is the managing editor of and a freelance writer.
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