Frostbite Gone Mild: What to Do About Frostnip

by Leigh Ann Otte

Frostnip is the teeth-gritting side of frostbite’s personality. Not scary, unless you keep agitating it. Then it gets mean.

Like burns, frostbite comes in three degrees, explains family doctor Eva Briggs in this week’s featured article. Frostnip is the mildest. With it, your skin looks pale and feels stiff. It doesn’t lead to permanent damage. But it’s a good, nippy warning to warm up before frostbite starts chomping.

In “Frostnip Vs. Frostbite: What’s the Difference?” you’ll learn how to treat both ailments—and what not to do. (For example, don’t rub, even with frostnip. It could damage skin.)

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