Tips for Yummy, Lower-Salt Food

by Leigh Ann Otte

So you want to cut back on salt, but it just tastes so good? Practical registered dietitian Jill Weisenberger has some tips you can live with in this week’s featured article, “7 Tips for Reducing Your Salt Intake.”

For example, if “no added salt” foods taste blander than cardboard to you, try mixing them with the regular versions, to ease your way into this lower-sodium world. And if you’re cooking from a box that comes with a sodium-stuffed seasoning packet, use half the packet.

Get all Weisenberger’s tips in the article, here. And for ideas on healthy dishes to cook at home, check out our recipes section.

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Leigh Ann Otte is the managing editor of and a freelance writer.

This information is not meant to be individual advice. Please consult your doctor for that. See our disclaimer here.

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