What They Don’t Tell Kids About Bees

by Leigh Ann Otte

Growing up in Mississippi, exploring dense woods and thick brush, my sister and I were always on the lookout for ticks. We had our fair share and learned early on how they got removed: grasp the head with tweezers, and pull.

I don’t know about where you live, but I think the South may be the critter capitol of the world. Bees, wasps, spiders, snakes—and it’s balmy weather for them most of the time. So we knew a lot about what to do and not do to keep ourselves safe. But there is one thing I didn’t know back then: Sweat attracts bees. I would have known it if I could have read this week’s featured article, “11 Tips for a Safer Hike.”

But I couldn’t. It wasn’t written, and we didn’t have the Internet. And it’s probably best nobody told us kids such things. During those boggy Mississippi summers, you could stick your pinky out the window and be swimming in sweat. As scared as we were of honeybees and their massive bumblebee cousins, we never would have gone outside.

I have to admit, though, that there’s one thing on the article’s list you couldn’t have gotten us kids to do in a million years: wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. The average high in August was 91 degrees. All pants were good for was being cut off into shorts.

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Leigh Ann Otte is the managing editor of MyFamilyDoctorMag.com and a professional writer. This information is not meant to be individual advice. Please consult your doctor for that. See our disclaimer here.

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4 Responses to “What They Don’t Tell Kids About Bees”

  1. Judy Rodman Says:

    As a former beekeeper, I know something else that bees don’t like — anyone who looks like they might be robbing their honey… which of course, I was! They get so mad that anyone in the vicinity of a beesuited robber is considered fair game. My husband was minding his own business working on our house one bee-robbing day, when a normally docile honey bee who couldn’t get to me through my suit came all the way up to the house and stung my husband on the ear! One even got my dog! Innocent bystanders are not spared mad bee revenge!
    Judy Rodman recently posted..Authenticity: Lesson from the Hummingbird

  2. lotte Says:

    Ow! That is funny (well, not funny …). They were so mad they’d sting anything!

    Leigh Ann Otte
    Managing Editor

  3. Jams Hubbard Says:

    Good to know. Not only will I try not to disturb any, I’ll stay way clear of anyone else disturbing them. Thank your husband for being the guinea pig. Poor dog.

  4. Jason Says:

    They must have been really fed up with all the stealing of their honeys. The poor innocent bystanders. Anyway, I know bees are attracted to flowers but I didn’t know they are attracted to sweets as well. I’ll make sure to warn my kids about eating sweets when a bee is nearby.
    Jason recently posted..How To Seduce A Woman

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