5 Tips for Serving a Healthy Christmas Meal Everyone Will Enjoy

by Leigh Ann Otte

Merry Christmas!

Looking for some healthy twists to dish out this year? Here are five tips, based on advice from registered dietitians Jill Weisenberger and Sarah-Jane Bedwell in this week’s featured article, “Healthy Christmas Tips: Meals, Eggnog and Parties“:

  1. For every calorie-rich dish, serve two vegetable dishes or something else that’s healthy.
  2. Dairy free Silk Nog saves you almost half the calories of eggnog and all the saturated fat. (It’s in the dairy-free milk-alternatives section of your grocery store. It’s made of soymilk.)
  3. If anyone balks at the idea of a healthier Christmas, invite the person to bring a traditional dish he or she would enjoy. It’s OK to have options.
  4. If you can find it, serve festive-looking star fruit (pictured right) with the Christmas cookies.
  5. Serve crustless pie.

After a wonderful meal, go for a wonderful walk! Above all, enjoy the weekend. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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Leigh Ann Otte is the managing editor of MyFamilyDoctorMag.com and a freelance writer specializing in health and aging. This information is not meant to be individual advice. Please consult your doctor for that. See our disclaimer here.

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