Do Abortions Affect Women Negatively? Experts Debate

by Leigh Ann Otte

Have you been watching the Republican presidential debates? Or are you waiting for the big guns in the fall?

During every heated election cycle, some of the most contentious issues are related to health care. Should we have universal health care? What do we do about Medicare? Should abortions be legal?

We’ve held our own debates on these issues, skipping the politicians and going straight to medical experts. For this week, though, we go beyond the usual talking points—the normal election-cycle questions—and delve into a less-discussed issue related to a commonly debated topic: abortion.

There’s plenty of discussion about whether it should be legal. But some other aspects don’t get a lot of air time. So, to deepen understanding about the topic, we asked our debaters to answer a seemingly simple question: Does abortion cause long-term negative effects? Believe it or not, there’s disagreement over the answer. Some say it can lead to medical and psychological problems. Others say it doesn’t. In our debate, a pro-life ob-gyn and a pro-choice one give us their take.

What’s the most important issue to you this election cycle? Does it have to do with health care, or is that on the back burner for you right now?

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Leigh Ann Otte is the managing editor of and a freelance writer specializing in health and aging. This information is not meant to be individual advice. Please consult your doctor for that. See our disclaimer here.

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