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How Toddlers Are Like Furniture: Proper Lifting Required

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

by Leigh Ann Otte

When I was visiting my sister, brother-in-law and two-year-old nephew recently, my nephew and I developed a game that pretty much consisted of horrifying his mother. I pulled him off the couch by the feet and twirled him around the living room upside down. Again! And again! And again!

Sure, my back got tired, but it was a good workout, and I was proud of my energy and stamina.

A few hours later, I picked up his plastic toy lawnmower and promptly threw my back out. The toy probably weighed three pounds. Ridiculous, but worth some hearty laughter from my compassionate family.

This kind of unfortunate situation is actually common, according to Andrew Kirschner, D.O., a doctor who writes briefly about it in this week’s featured article, “What Causes a Crick in the Neck? 6 Pain FAQs.”

“A lot of times your back gets set up for injury, but it doesn’t really trigger until you’re doing something minor,” he writes. I guess I figured it’d give me a warning or something. “Excuse me, here’s a twinge of soon-to-fade pain as a polite reminder that you need to stop now.”

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How Caffeine Helps Relieve Pain

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

by Leigh Ann Otte

Ever had a pain medicine keep you up at night? Maybe that’s because it contained caffeine.

Sometimes when you have a headache, it’s caused by swollen blood vessels pressing on nerves. Caffeine shrinks blood vessels. That’s part of why certain medicines, like Anacin and Excedrin, have caffeine. Pharmacist Daniel P. Hays explains more in this week’s featured article, “Why Is Caffeine in My Pain Reliever?”

Do you take pain relievers with caffeine? Why or why not?

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