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Children's Health
How Do You Get an Ear Infection?


How you get an ear infection depends on which part of the ear you're talking about.

Do IVF Babies Have a Higher Risk for Health Problems?

ivf-babySurprising even to this doctor, babies born via in-vitro fertilization may be at higher risk for certain health problems. But why?

Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Teenagers: Where to Find the Nutrition They Need


Teenagers can be healthy as vegetarians. Here's how to get the nutrition they need.

7 Interesting Health Websites for Children and Parents

health-websitesFun and educational health websites and online health games for children and parents.

Children's Health: 11 Questions, With Expert Answers


Quick, expert answers to some of your common questions about children's health—including sickness, weight and nutrition.

3 Questions About RSV in Babies


RSV is a common, contagious disease, but if premature babies or babies with lung or heart problems catch it, they have a high risk of getting very sick. Learn prevention tips and warning signs.

Colic Tips: How to Calm a Colicky Baby


Oops! This content has been moved.

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Media Violence and Its Effect on Children: Experts Debate


What effect does media violence have on children? Does it really cause some to be violent? Get researched opinions from two psychology experts.

5 Cool Health Websites for Teens


Fun, interactive and informative websites for teens.

Healthy Weight for Children: Why You Can't Always Tell by Looking

child-scale-weightDoctors do more than look, weigh and calculate BMI to determine whether a child's weight is healthy. Learn why.

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