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Children's Health
High Blood Pressure in Children: What Causes It?

child-doctor-blood-pressureRarely, children develop high blood pressure—sometimes even if they're not overweight. A family doctor explains why.

Does Physical Therapy for Scoliosis Help? A Doctor Explains

scoliosis-spine-x-rayA doctor explains whether physical therapy or exercises, such as Pilates, help scoliosis. Plus: what scoliosis is, and its treatment.

Is PVC Bad for Children? A Pediatrician Addresses the Controversy

yellow rubber duck pvc

PVC, bisphenol A, phthalates ... are they really bad for children and babies? What does the evidence show? A pediatrician gets in on the debate and addresses the controversy about whether PVC is dangerous.

Breast Buds in Babies: A Pediatrician Explains

sept07-babybudsWhy do some babies and children grow breasts? Causes, treatment and advice.

How to Get Children Motivated to Exercise: Expert Tips

tips-child-exercise-motivationTips from doctors and more on how to get kids motivated to exercise.


How Loud Is too Loud? Church Music, Headphones and Your Child's Hearing

child-singing-churchHow can you tell if noise is too loud for your baby, or if music is too loud for your child? An audiologist explains how to know, with practical advice.

Juice and Your Children: Can They Drink too Much?
child drinking juiceHow much is too much juice for your baby or child? Get the facts from a registered dietitian, and learn whether juice makes children and babies gain weight—and whether it's good or bad for them.
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