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Chronic Disease
10 Top Questions About Cancer Causes and Symptoms

woman-putting-out-cigaretteHealth experts give you the real scoop on 10 common cancer questions. Included: artificial sweeteners, cell phones, headaches and radiation.

MGUS: Questions About Symptoms, Related Diseases
mgus-questions-doctorOur first article about the blood disorder MGUS has surprisingly become one of our most popular. This is a follow-up, with answers to questions readers have submitted since the original one was written.
What Causes a Chronic Cough? 8 Reasons--and Their Treatment

doctor-stethoscopeA chronic cough can be a warning of a more serious problem. Often, there's a easily treatable cause you haven't thought of. Here are eight reasons you may be coughing, including diagnosis and treatment information.

19 Tips From Allergists for How to Prevent and Treat Allergies


How to treat indoor and outdoor seasonal allergies—without medication. Proven natural solutions, straight from the allergists. Plus: Tips for when you need medicine—and how to tell.
Allergy Treatment: What medicines to take for allergies--and how to take them

air-defense-thumb.jpgHow to treat seasonal allergies and avoid medication side effects: advice from an allergist.

Multiple-Myeloma Cancer and MGUS

multiple-myeloma-doctor-patientAnuj Mahindra, M.D., answers reader questions about the plasma-cell cancer multiple myeloma and its relation to the blood disorder MGUS.

Can You Be Allergic to Another Person? 8 Curious Q&As About Chronic Diseases


Can you be allergic to another person? Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes? Are blood-pressure cuffs at pharmacies accurate? Interesting answers to your interesting questions about chronic diseases.

What is MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance)?

doctor-bloodA doctor explains "monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance" (MGUS), a condition that needs periodic labwork since, in 20 percent of cases, it may develop into cancer (multiple myeloma). The risk of MGUS goes up with age. Most are over 50. Article includes treatment and prognosis.

Do Flowers Cause Allergies? 4 allergy tips and surprises

allergy-tip-sheet-thumb.jpgA top allergist busts myths and explains how to treat seasonal allergies. Tip number one: Ornamental flowers don't cause most allergies.

How Clinical Trials Work: What to Expect During a Medical Study


Ever been curious about clinical trials? Here, a doctor explains how they work, what to expect during one, and where to find them. Also: Are clinical trials safe?

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