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Chronic Disease
How to Take Your Osteoporosis Medicine Correctly

osteoporosis-hand-medicineOsteoporosis medicine can cause heartburn and irritate your stomach. Here's how to take it correctly, to help avoid those side effects. Includes Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva (bisphosphonates).

Asthma Guide: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, What It Is

asthma-aspiratorCommon asthma questions, answered by a pediatric pulmonologist. Included: What happens during an asthma attack? What causes asthma? How do you treat asthma?

Osteoporosis: What to Eat: Diet, Lifestyle, Nutrition for Healthy Bones

sept07-skeletalstructure.jpgLearn how much vitamin D and calcium is recommended to help treat osteoporosis. Plus: how osteoporosis works.

How Bone-Density Tests Work: A family doctor explains

bone_density_test.jpgLearn how bone-density tests for osteoporosis work, including how much radiation you get from the X-rays.

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