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Healthy Recipe: Spiced Cranberry-Orange Sauce

healthy-cranberry-sauceThis healthy cranberry sauce recipe uses whole cranberries and an orange, plus zesty spices like ginger and cinnamon.

Flu Shot With a Compromised Immune System: Good Idea for Most


The flu shot works with your immune system, so a compromised system weakens the vaccine's effectiveness. Still, for most people, a little protection is better than none.

Key Lime Pie Yogurt: As Healthy as Fruit-Flavored

yogurt-key-lime-pieDessert-flavored yogurt like key lime pie is about as healthy as the fruit-flavored kind, according to this registered dietitian. Find out why.

After-Effects of Abortion: Are There Long-Term Problems?
universal-health-care-thumb.gifSome activists say abortion affects women negatively for years, both physically and mentally. Others say that's nonsense; abortion has no long-term after-effects. Who's right? Two doctors examine the evidence.
Medical Mystery: A True-Life What-Done-It

medical-mystery-bookIt was the case every doctor dreads: an unfamiliar patient whose vague complaint has a thousand possible causes.

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