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Media Violence and Its Effect on Children: Experts Debate


What effect does media violence have on children? Does it really cause some to be violent? Get researched opinions from two psychology experts.

Eating Plant Sterols to Lower Cholesterol

plant-sterols-cholesterolPlant sterols help lower cholesterol naturally. Learn where to find them, how much to eat and how they work.

What Does "1 Cc" Mean? 7 Questions About Medicine


Satisfy your medicine curiosity with answers to seven questions we bet you've never gotten a satisfactory answer to. Like, just what are those TV doctors talking about when they call for 1 cc of something—stat?

Passion Fruit: Nutrition, Storage, How to Pick and Eat

passion-fruitHere's how to incorporate the fun, exotic passion fruit into your diet. Get nutrition and storage information, along with how to pick one and eat it.

8 Drinks and Your Health: Clearing Up Confusing Research


Is coffee good or bad for you? Do you need eight glasses of water? Will juice make you gain weight? What's the best milk substitute? We clear up confusing health research on eight drinks. Bottoms up!

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