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Therapy Types: Pros and Cons of 4 Common Forms of Psychotherapy

therapy-types-confidentialWhat's the best psychotherapy? Get the pros and cons of four different types: psychoanalysis, insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral and eclectic.

6 Embarassing Bathroom Questions—Answered

woman-shockedCan holding your urine for too long cause problems? How much gas is too much? If your poop looks funny, when should you worry? Yep, we've got answers for the red-faced to these bathroom questions and more!

Exercise: Should You Eat Before or After?

exercise-water-watch-weightsShould you eat before or after exercise? And what's the best nutritional choice? A registered dietitian answers.

Spider-Bite Symptoms

black-widow-spiderBlack widows and brown recluses: They're the spiders we fear, but could you tell whether one's bitten you? Here are the symptoms of a bad spider bite.

Fascinating Facts About Germs: Viruses, Bacteria, Antibiotics


What's the difference between a virus and bacteria? Why don't antibiotics kill viruses? Is the five-second rule real or a myth? Fascinating facts about germs.

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