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Dentists Answer 7 Common Questions About Your Teeth


Do tooth whiteners work? Do you need to sanitize your toothbrush? Why brush twice a day? Dentists answer your teeth questions.

How Does Liposuction Work?

woman with old-fashioned vacuum cleaner

Liposuction works by removing unwanted fat from people who are at a healthy weight. It's a refining technique.

Why and When to Taper Medicine: Sometimes, cold turkey is dangerous, as this doctor explains.

Woman holding clockQ: I've been on warfarin sodium. My doctor has now said I can stop taking the medication. I’ve heard from others that you should not stop taking this medication abruptly, but should go off it gradually. The doctor said nothing about that. Should I just stop?

The Best Weight-Loss Tips for Your Personality
real-ways-to-lose-weight1.jpgForget those one-size-fits-some solutions! Discover the best weight-loss tips for your personality, with our experts’ step-by-step guidance.
Doctors' Home Remedies: Ways to Use Stuff Around the House


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