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Myasthenia Gravis Prognosis and Treatment


The prognosis is good for people with myasthenia gravis as they get older. And fortunately today, treatments are available.

How to Get Rid of Shingles (and Can You Spread It?)

shingles-informationShingles is the chickenpox virus rearing its ugly head after years of laying dormant. Learn how to get rid of it and whether you can spread it.

13 Organ Donation Questions: Busting Myths, Spreading Facts

organ-donation-questions-womanSigning a donor card may mean you help dozens of people. But myths keep many from registering. Here are your questions, answered once and for all.

Recipe for Making Nut Butter

peanuts-nut-butterMaking nut butter is an easy, yummy, fun way to add good fats and protein to your diet. Here's a simple recipe plus nutrition information.

Multiple-Myeloma Cancer and MGUS

multiple-myeloma-doctor-patientAnuj Mahindra, M.D., answers reader questions about the plasma-cell cancer multiple myeloma and its relation to the blood disorder MGUS.

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