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First Aid & Safety
Spider-Bite Symptoms

black-widow-spiderBlack widows and brown recluses: They're the spiders we fear, but could you tell whether one's bitten you? Here are the symptoms of a bad spider bite.

11 Tips for a Safer Hike: What You Need to Know About Outdoor Critters

tick-rocky-mountain-spotted-feverFrom ticks to mosquitoes, from spiders to snakes, here are 12 tips on how to avoid bits and stings and trips to the ER on your next hiking trip.

Quick Guide to Cuts: Cleaning, Stitches, Tetanus


cut-bandageDo you know how to clean a cut properly and when it needs stitches? Make sure you're right with this quick-and-easy guide.

Winter Car Kit: What to Pack for Emergency Survival

winter-tree-illustrationWhat to keep in your car survival kit in case of a winter emergency.

Surviving Cold-Water Drowning: The Mammalian Diving Reflex

drown-cracked-ice-feetPeople who have drowned in cold water are sometimes resuscitated thanks to the mammalian diving reflex. Here's how it works.

What to Do When Someone Is Having a Seizure

seizure-mall-outside-walkingWhen you see someone having a seizure, trying to figure out how to help can get scary. But there are plenty of things you can do.

Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus: Facts and Symptoms

mosquito-west-nileWest Nile virus is most prevalent in the summer and fall. Learn the symptoms and how to avoid this mosquito-borne illness.

Frostnip Vs. Frostbite: What's the Difference?

ice-branchHave you heard of frostnip? It's a less severe version of frostbite. Learn symptoms and treatments for both.

What Happens to Your Body When You Drown?

Life preserver

A doctor explains what often happens to people's bodies when they drown—when organ damage begins and how water is breathed in.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Wound Cleaning: Water's better!

first-aid-kitHydrogen peroxide can damage healthy cells when you use it to clean a wound, this doctor says. Here's his advice on minor wound treatment--starting with plain old water.

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