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Unusual Exercise: Sports Ideas for the Creative and Adventurous
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Unusual Exercise: Sports Ideas for the Creative and Adventurous
One Month of Creative Workouts
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passion_exercise_page_1.jpg Here’s the truth of it: Some of us just plain don’t like jogging, and gyms give us the heebie jeebies. There. We said it.

Nonetheless, our bodies rebel against our adamant decision not to move. For some strange reason, muscles think they have to contract, the heart thinks it has to pump, and fat insists on activity before it will go away already.


If you’re looking for something that motivates your brain and excites your passion while incidentally working that body like there’s no tomorrow, boy have we found it—lots of its!

Here are four exciting sports we bet you’ve never tried, plus dozens of other ideas. If you see something you find intriguing, keep in mind that many gyms let you attend a class for free the first time to see if you like it.

Getting and staying fit can be a blast! Make exercise your new passion, and watch your body thank you for years to come.

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2008-5-findyourpassion-thumb.jpgA mix of endurance, balance, precision and strategy, fencing is a game worthy of athletes and chess players alike.

Who likes it: People who enjoy competing one-on-one and like a mental challenge, as well as a physical one.

Benefits: “Great work for hand-eye coordination, motor skills and agility,” says certified fitness instructor Charla McMillian. It’s also a good cardiovascular, leg and butt workout and great for all ages.

Beware: Lots of lunging is involved, so be sure to learn proper technique.

For More Info:

ULTIMATE (A.K.A. ULTIMATE FRISBEE)2008-6-findyourpassion.jpg

Run, catch, and, quick! Pass the disc! Work with your team to get the Frisbee to the end zone.

Who likes it: People who love team sports and the outdoors—and have good (or passable) hand-eye coordination.

Benefits: Gets your whole body moving. “As long as you can grab and chuck a disc, you’re an asset to the team,” says McMillian.

Beware: “Jumping and fast changes of direction can be hard on the knees,” warns certified personal trainer Ben Quist. Injuries are not uncommon in this intense sport. Pace yourself!

For More Info:

CARDIO KICKBOXING (WITH A BAG)2008-6-findyourpassion-kick.jpg

There’s nothing like wailing away on a large heavy object that, if you imagine really hard, oddly resembles that person who cut you off on the freeway this morning.

Who likes it: People who relish competing against and pushing themselves.

Benefits: Fantastic cardiovascular and full-body workout. Plus, it’s an amazing stress reliever.

Beware: Not good for people with joint or back problems. Also, “Don’t worry about the choreography and getting all of the kicks and punches right,” says certified personal trainer Lisa Corsello . “It’s challenging for anyone the first few times.”

For More Info: Check with gyms (including martial arts ones) to find classes.

ASIAN MARTIAL ARTS2008-6-findyourpassion-box.jpg

Martial arts are great for all ages. In fact, studies have shown that the gentle tai chi can lower blood pressure and help people with arthritis.

Who likes it: Folks who like to compete with themselves and, for certain techniques, one-on-one. Also great for disciplined people who like to learn a skill while exercising.

Benefits: Increased balance, flexibility and strength.

Beware: Talk with your instructor about any health issues you have to make sure the technique won’t aggravate them.

For More Info: Check with gyms (including martial arts ones).

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