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13 Organ Donation Questions: Busting Myths, Spreading Facts

organ-donation-questions-womanSigning a donor card may mean you help dozens of people. But myths keep many from registering. Here are your questions, answered once and for all.

What Is a Hospitalist? A doctor explains what these specialists do.

house-calls-your-md-friend-for-a-day-thumb.jpgStella Fitzgibbons, M.D., spends part of every day explaining what she does for a living. Here, she takes us under her wing and shows us the world of the hospitalist.

3 Surgery FAQs: Anesthesia Safety, Hospital Errors, IVs


Nervous about having surgery? Get comforting answers to three FAQs: How safe is the anesthesia? How can I prevent medical errors? Why do I need an IV?

Study: Find the Best Hospitals

Go to the hospital, come out alive. That’s the goal. And it’s more likely to be met if you patronize the best of the best, says HealthGrades, an organization that rates doctors and hospitals.


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