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Mental Health
How to Help a Loved One: Depression, Alcoholism, Addiction ...

help-couple-sad-thmb.jpg A psychiatrist gives tips for how to help friends and family members who have depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and other mental, substance abuse and self-destructive behavior. (Plus: Facts on interventions. Do they work?).

3 Steps to Finding a Good Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Therapist

therapyA psychologist gives advice for how to find and choose a good psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health-therapist: one who's qualified and fits with your personality.

How Hypnosis Works (Plus: A Psychiatrist Looks at the Evidence)

hypnosisDoes hypnosis work? Is it dangerous? A psychiatrist explains how hypnosis works and whether it's been proven as effective therapy for pain, anxiety, phobias, smoking and weight loss.

How Antidepressants Work: History and Brain Chemistry


A psychiatrist explains how antidepressants work, along with the history of how scientists discovered them. Included: how brain chemistry works (neurotransmitters, etc.)

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