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July Health Newsletter: Quirks Versus Mental Illness


July health newsletter: the difference between quirks and mental illness, how to stop eating when you're full, morning heart attacks, exercise and eating.

June: 8 Reasons for Weight Gain That Aren't Your Fault


Learn how a lack of sleep may make you gain weight. Plus: hot pepper cream for arthritis, when palpitations are dangerous and eight reasons for a chronic cough. (Sign up for this doctor newsletter to the right.)

May: Honey, the Sweetest Medicine


Learn how slathering honey on a cut can help keep out infection! Plus: what to do for heartburn when antacids won't work, 19 allergy-busting tips from allergists, and doctors debate medical marijuana.

April: What to do with no insurance. Plus: The best skin products!

orange-phone-off-hookWhat to do when you have no insurance, dermatologists' affordable picks for your skin, why microwaving is healthier than boiling, and a protein bars taste test.

February: Controversies! Cloned meat, chiropractors, soy, peroxide

debate-flags-smallFebruary 23, 2010 newsletter, featuring a debate on eating meat from cloned animals, doctors' views on chiropractors, the bottom line on what we know about soy (and what we don't), and whether hydrogen peroxide really is good for cleaning cuts.

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