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November Newsletter: Healthiest Thanksgiving Pies
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Nutrition Tips for 8 Popular Pies

Good news! Classic pumpkin is one of the healthiest pie picks you can make this Thanksgiving. Antioxidant-filled blueberry  is a good choice too. And we've got a neat tip on how to lighten up that coconut custard. Get lots of practical, positive pie advice, and have a yummy Thanksgiving!

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Healthy, Easy Sweet Potato Recipes

A heapin' helpin' of sweet potatoes may do your body good. With lots of beta carotene and only 100 calories per medium potato, these are one of the healthiest Thanksgiving staples around. Learn how long you can store raw ones and get healthy preparation ideas.

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Healthy Sweet-Potato Cheese Casserole Recipe

How Mood Affects Your Health

Yes, you can worry yourself sick. You can also think your way to good health--to an extent. Find out how laughing, crying, getting a massage, owning a pet and thinking positively might help make you healthier.

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Fascinating Germ Facts

Get answers to your germy curiosities, including whether the 5-second rule is real, how long germs can live on surfaces and why antibiotics don't work on viruses.

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