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February 2011: 7 Yummy Tips to Eat Less Salt
My  Family Doctor


How to Eat Less Salt and Still Enjoy Your Food

Reducing salt doesn't have to mean choking down cardboard--not if you go by registered dietitian Jill Weisenberger's top-seven tips. For example, if you hate "no added salt" products, mix one with the regular variety. Easy!

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Break Your Bad Habit by April

It takes two months to break a habit, says therapist Michelle P. Maidenberg. Put her five steps into practice, and celebrate, habit-free, when April comes around.

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How to Treat Frostnip

You've heard of frostbite, but what about frostnip? Learn what to do--and not to do--for both winter ailments. Tip: No matter what you have, don't rub!

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Winter Car Kit: What to Pack for Emergency Survival

Why Your Nose Runs

When a cold makes you sniffly, your nose is trying to get rid of germs, says family doctor Susan Louisa Montauk. So should you not take medicine to dry it up? She answers:

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