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February 2012 Newsetter: Sleep and Dreams Quiz
If you snore and hold your breath during the night, you may have what? Check your answer in the sleep quiz.
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February Fun: What's Your Sleep IQ?

Have you ever realized you were dreaming while you were still asleep? If so, you were having a cosmic dream. Or was it a lucid dream? ... An epic one?

Which do you think it's called?

You can test your answer in our "Sleep and Dreams Quiz,"-- a fun-times mixture of facts, history and fairy-tale trivia.

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A Little Pie in Your Yogurt?

Anything with "key lime pie" in the name sounds like a rich indulgence. But it may be a lot healthier than you think--if it's in yogurt form.

One dietitian says dessert-flavored yogurt is pretty much as healthy as fruit-flavored--even though it doesn't have any fruit bits. Find out why here. Then, indulge away!


Does Abortion Raise Cancer Risk?

Some people say an abortion can raise your risk for certain health problems, such as depression and breast cancer. Many others say the evidence shows it doesn't. Who's right? Two doctors share their opinions here.

Debate: When Does Life Begin?
Do Birth-Control Pills Cause Abortions?



NEW: Do-It-Yourself Disaster Medicine

What if there's a tornado, flood or terrorist attack and you or a family member is hurt? To make matters worse, you can't get medical help because the roads are blocked. Would you know what to do?

We're excited to announce that Dr. James Hubbard, publisher of My Family Doctor, has launched "The Survival Doctor," a blog that mixes modern medical tips with old-time remedies and DIY fixes.

It's getting quite a readership already, and he'd love to see you there.


















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