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April 2012 Newsletter: How to Help a Seizure Victim
True or false: A seizing person could swallow her tongue. You should put something in her mouth. (Answer.)
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How to Help When You See a Seizure

Have you ever seen someone having a seizure in public? You're walking through the mall, sitting in church or waiting at the bus stop, and all of a sudden, someone starts convulsing. What do you do?

There's no need to feel helpless. It's actually pretty easy to be a lot of help. It's also easy to make things worse. Here's what to do when no one else has a clue.



10 Curious Questions About Cancer

Got some nagging cancer questions rolling around in your head? We've got  answers.

  • Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer?
  • Can you inherit breast-cancer risk from your father's side?
  • How much should you worry about radiation from X-rays?

Six health experts give you the lowdown.



Are You Imagining Your Symptoms?

If you just know something's wrong but your doctor thinks it's all in your head ... the doctor could be right! No, really. It depends on what "all in your head" means.





7 Ways to Get Snake-Bitten

Got snakes where you live? Fan of vampires? Well, then, this post's for you! Here's how to get a free vampire-fang tattoo. Just take these simple steps to make sure a snake snaps.

(This tongue-in-cheek post about preventing snake bites, which non-vampire-fans may particularly relish, is from our sister site,
















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