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May 2012 Newsletter: Is This Your Weight-Loss Personality?
Are you a Dieter, Calorie Counter, Fitness Fanatic, Nutrition Stickler or Moderator? Find your weight-loss personality here.
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The Best Weight-Loss Personality (and Tips for All Types)

When you want to lose weight, do you go on a diet, count calories, hit the treadmill? Whatever your pounds-dropping method of choice, our nutrition and fitness experts have tips tailor-made for you.

We've formulated five weight-loss personality types, based on typical weight-loss techniques. All have strengths and weaknesses, and everyone can lose weight successfully.

There is one personality type, however, that may be the best for sustained weight loss. We call it the Moderator. Moderators eat anything in moderation. But they do have a weakness: a liberal definition. What is a "moderate" amount of cookies anyway?



10 Insider Tips for Saving Money on Health Care

Think you can't save money on expensive health care? Think again! This month our publisher, family doctor James Hubbard, shares his insider tips for saving money on medicine, health tests and more. Sometimes, all it takes is posing a simple informed question to your doctor.


Clearing the Confusion: 4 Medical Tests You Really Need

Figuring out which routine medical tests you need can be confusing. Recommendations vary based on your age, sex and other considerations. But four simple tests are a must-have for all adults. You can start with these and ask your doctor about other ones.


Special Disaster Tips for Caregivers and People With Chronic Illness

When you have a chronic illness or care for someone who does, disaster preparation gets more complicated. In a guest post for Silver Planet, a website for people with elderly parents, Dr. James Hubbard, "The Survival Doctor," simplifies matters with his nine-step guide to getting prepared. Check one step off per week, and before you know it, you're done! Let peace of mind ensue.


















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