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June 2012 Newsletter: Dangerous Spider Bite? How to Know
Which kind of spider has a violin marking? (Get the answer--and a picture--here.)
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How to Know If a Dangerous Spider Has Bitten You

Black widows and brown recluses send shivers down the spine. Yikes. But if you had a bite on your arm and didn't see the culprit, would you know the symptoms to watch for? Learn danger signs here.


Cellphones, Sweeteners and Radiation: 10 Cancer Questions, Answered

Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer? What about cellphones? And how come radiation both cures and causes the big C? Hmmm. Beef up on your cancer knowledge in this 10-question Q&A with the experts.


"Give Him 1 Cc, Stat!"

Ever wondered what "1 cc" means? Quench your curiosity in our medication Q&A. You'll also learn the difference between aspirin and ibuprofen. And will staying away from medicine increase your immune system? We asked. Experts answered.




Got Elderly Parents? When Fans May Not Prevent Heatstroke

Elderly people on a fixed income sometimes don't turn on the air-conditioning. But they're some of the most vulnerable to heatstroke. And while fans are generally a good idea, when the temperature gets into the high 90s, they just can't cool your body temperature, James Hubbard, M.D., writes in a recent post at What does work? Check out his post for simple tips that make a big difference.



















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