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July 2012 Newsletter: Why Water Causes Swimmer's Ear

Can ear infections threaten the brain? Yep! Read more in the box on this page.
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How a Water-Logged Ear Leads to Swimmer's Ear

Summertime is swimmin' time! Have you or your kids had swimmer's ear this year?

Swimmer's ear is an infection of the outer ear canal. The seemingly innocent culprit is plain old water, explains otolaryngologist Gayle Woodson, M.D. "When water is trapped in the outer ear canal, the skin gets macerated (soaked, softened and weakened), and germs take over."

Learn more about ear infections--and why kids so frequently get middle-ear ones--in "How Do You Get an Ear Infection?"

Drowning first-aid for kids and adults (from our sister site,


What Does the Fourth of July Have to Do With Elvis?

A classic blog posts begs to be shared today--with its handy-dandy fireworks-safety tips: "Fireworks, Bottle Rockets and Elvis: How to Enjoy This 4th of July Safely."

Our publisher, James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H., is a huge Elvis fan. But even he admits that the King's alleged penchant for shooting bottle rockets with his friends--at each other--was not a good idea. After all, Dr. Hubbard's seen amputations from fireworks, not to mention the burns and blindings.

Check out the blog post for his tips for how to have fun safely this Independence Day.


8 Hours of Sleep and Still Want to Stay in Bed?

If you have trouble waking up in the morning despite getting enough sleep, get some answers in "Can't Wake Up in the Morning?" You may have a sleep disorder you don't even know about--and at least one of them can be dangerous.


Can You Name This Rash? Take the Children's-Rashes Quiz!

Would you recognize a rash from fifth disease? Can you tell the difference between chickenpox and an allergic reaction?

Check your rashes knowledge in this post from our sister site, "Your Child Has a Rash. Do You Know What to Do?" Pinners on Pinterest have been calling it the best rashes post they've seen. We can't disagree, but we might be a little biased.


















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