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Aug 2012 Newsletter: Salt Sensitivity and High Blood Pressure

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Are You Salt Sensitive?

For some people, salt can aggravate high blood pressure. "When excess salt, and then water, crowd a [blood] vessel, they increase the pressure on the vessel walls," writes Jonathan Rich, an internist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Md. "Reducing salt intake can significantly bring down blood pressure for these people."

Learn more about salt and your body in "How Much Water Does Salt Retain in Your Body?"


Why Do I Have a Moustache?

Calling all women with unwanted facial hair, PMS and urinary-tract infections. This one's for you. In "8 Embarrassing Women's Health Questions--Answered," you'll learn about all those fun topics, along with other curiosities, like whether you can keep your breasts from sagging.

4 Men's Health Questions You're Too Embarrassed to Ask


How to Save a Life With Honey and Duct Tape

Experts are always preaching preparedness: Store water, food, first-aid supplies in case of a disaster or social upheaval. But that'll only get you so far, right? What if you have a major medical emergency and can't get expert help?

That's why Dr. James Hubbard (our publisher) wrote his new e-books, The Survival Doctor's Guide to Wounds and Burns. In them, he teaches improvisational medicine at its best, including how to close a gash with duct tape and prevent infection with honey.

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