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Nutritional Benefits of Apples

apple-redDoes an apple's nutritional benefits still keep the doctor away, or should we graduate to more exotic fare?

Key Lime Pie Yogurt: As Healthy as Fruit-Flavored

yogurt-key-lime-pieDessert-flavored yogurt like key lime pie is about as healthy as the fruit-flavored kind, according to this registered dietitian. Find out why.

8 Drinks and Your Health: Clearing Up Confusing Research


Is coffee good or bad for you? Do you need eight glasses of water? Will juice make you gain weight? What's the best milk substitute? We clear up confusing health research on eight drinks. Bottoms up!

Herbs and Spices Uses: Reference Chart

herb-rosemaryQuick reference guide to uses for herbs and spices—and their health benefits.

7 Tips for Reducing Your Salt Intake


Learn simple, practical tips for reducing your salt intake and still enjoying your food.

The Best Weight-Loss Tips for Your Personality
real-ways-to-lose-weight1.jpgForget those one-size-fits-some solutions! Discover the best weight-loss tips for your personality, with our experts’ step-by-step guidance.
Healthy Christmas Tips: Meals, Eggnog and Parties

cranberries-cinnamon-holidaysHave a healthy, jolly Christmas! Here are our experts' tips on how to put together a healthy Christmas meal and still please everyone. Plus: a low-calorie eggnog alternative and how to enjoy holiday parties without bulking up.

How to Stop Eating So Much Sugar: 6 Tips


Addicted to sugar? Get a dietitian's six tips on how to stop eating so much of it. (Plus: the sugar you don't have to worry about!)

Cooking With Herbs and Spices: Tips and Health Benefits

herbs-spices-cookingCooking with herbs and spices isn't just tasty. It's healthy too! Here's how to get the most out of their flavor and health benefits.

Eating Raw Cookie Dough: Is It Safe if It's Store-Bought?

Is store-bought cookie dough safe to eat? Is it free of salmonella? Plus: how to make homemade cookie dough safer.

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