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How to Avoid Food Poisoning: 6 Tips

Safe-handling food tips, to avoid food poisoning. Includes: How long can you leave out leftovers?

Halloween Candy Nutrition: Calories, Fat - and Good News!

halloween-candyCalories, fat and sugar in Halloween candy, plus tips: how to enjoy what you like without overdoing it.

Vegetables Spoiling too Quickly? Tips When Cooking for One or Two

cooking-stewWhen cooking for one or two, it's easy for fruits and vegetables to spoil before you can eat them. Here are five simple buying, cooking and storage tips to help you enjoy produce while it's fresh.

19 Easy Ideas for Adding Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

peppers multicoloredQuick, easy tips on how to add fruits and vegetables to recipes (and often reduce calories and fat to boot!).

What Vitamins Should I Take?

An integrative physician discusses what vitamins she generally recommends for good health.

Pie Nutrition: How to Pick a Healthy Slice

pumpkin-pieGet tips on the healthiest pies to choose, plus nutrition and calories, from a registered dietitian.

How to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Quick, Easy, Healthy Ideas

potato-vegetables-faceEat more fruits and vegetables with over 30 easy recipes, snacks and tips. You might lose weight in the process—without dieting!

Fruit and Vegetable Colors: The Health Benefits of Each Color

fruit-colors-rainbowThe color of fruits and vegetables tells you about their nutrition and health benefits. Here's a quick guide to what each color means.

Why Is Breakfast Important? 3 Questions, Answered

strawberriesThree interesting questions about that most important meal: breakfast! With answers from registered dietitians.

How to Tell When You're Full (and Stop Eating)

woman-eating-spaghettiLearn how to listen to your body signals and know when you're full. Also: How big should a meal be? A doctor answers.

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