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Why Many Competitive Eaters Are Skinny
competitive-eating-burgerPeople who win competitive eating contests are often very skinny. Find out why.
Element Bars Review: Energy Bars You Make—Online

element-bar-single-thmbWe came across this cool company that lets you make your own energy bars through a fun and simple online process. You pick your ingredients—from the base bar to fruits and sweets and other fun stuff—and then order 'em up. But do they actually taste good? Readers tested them. Here's what they found.

The Soy Controversy: Is soy dangerous? Answers for men and women.


Does soy cause breast cancer, thyroid problems or male infertility? An expert answers questions about soy's effects on both men and women.

Food Combining Diet: Does it really work?

pasta-thmbThe food combining diet says eating foods in a certain order can help you lose weight and be healthier. But this expert says not only does this not work, it doesn't even make any sense.

Does Grilling Cause Cancer? Plus: How to reduce your cancer risk when grilling meat

Grilling meatDoes grilling meat cause cancer? A registered dietitian answers—and gives tips on how to reduce carcinogens.


Nutritionists' Top 24 Tips: Registered Dietitians' Insider Nutrition Advice


Nutrition tips from registered dietitians for reducing calories, getting children to eat more vegetables, holiday nutrition, ideas for what to do besides eat in front of the television, and more.

Why Steaming Vegetables Is Healthier Than Boiling

boiling-vegetables-thmbYes, what you've heard is true: Steaming vegetables is healthier than boiling them. Here, a registered dietitian explains why.

Experts Debate: Is meat from cloned animals safe to eat?

debate-flags-smallExperts debate whether eating meat from cloned is animals safe. Get an opinion from both sides of this controversial issue so you can decide for yourself.

Review: Best Gluten-Free Food: Nutritionists Recommend Their Favorite Products

Gluten-free productsWheat is a bother when you have celiac disease. Not only can you not digest it properly, but it’s in a ton of stuff. Finding something yummy to eat can pose quite the challenge. Fortunately, more and more gluten-free products keep coming on the market.

Review: Smart Balance Sweetened Peanut Butter: Opinions from expert and readers

Smart Balance Sweetened Peanut Butter

WHAT IT IS: Smart Balance is rolling out a twist on their Omega Peanut Butter.

The product has about same calories, saturated fat, sodium and fiber as leading brands but more heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. We asked two readers and an expert to test it out.

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