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Controversy: Is high-fructose corn syrup worse than sugar? Doctors' opinions.

universal-health-care-thumb.gifIs high-fructose corn syrup bad for you? Is it worse than sugar? Doctors debate the HFCS controversy. We present their opinions--both sides.

What are additives? Is MSG safe? An integrative doctor's opinion on the controversy.


What are additives? What is MSG? Is it dangerous? An integrative physician offers his recommendations on the additives debate and controversy.

Do Diet Pills Work? A Doctor Examines the Claims

2008-03-diet-pills-thumb.jpgDo over-the-counter diet pills work? Are they safe? Are some a scam? A doctor answers your questions—and tells what does work for weight loss.

Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Debate: How much is enough?
sept07-sunworshipper.jpgThe sun helps you make vitamin D. But it also causes skin cancer! So how much sun do you need? A family doctor explores the controversy and the compromise. (Plus: How much vitamin D do you need?)
Potassium Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally

potato-stethoscope.jpgPotassium is the all-natural way to lower blood pressure. A registered dietitian explains how it works, what foods are high in potassium and just what that salt substitute tastes like.

Favorite Salad Greens: What's the best choice?
icon-nutrition.jpgA registered dietiian reveals her opinions on some popular salad green choices (featuring nutrition information and how they taste). List includes best-loved options, like iceberg and bibb, along with more adventurous, nutrient-packed top picks, like spinach.
Grocery Store Tour: Learn How to Pick the Healthiest Foods—and Save Money!
walk-this-way-thumb.jpgYour personal grocery store tour, with a registered dietitian. She'll show you what to pick, how to save money and which convenient choices make your life easier.
19 Healthy Tips for Travel Foods: How to Maintain Weight and Health on Vacation

nutrition-sum07What to eat when traveling to maintain your weight and stay healthy. Easy vacation tips from a dietitian.

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