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How to Stop Eating So Much Sugar: 6 Tips


by Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D.

Why do so many of us crave sweets? Scientists can’t really say, but the theories abound.

Some believe sugar addicts are trying to self-medicate or compensate for brain-chemistry abnormalities. Other research suggests that food preferences are influenced in the womb and early childhood. And then there's the theory that cravings come from a feeling of deprivation: If we label something “bad” and deny ourselves what we want, we only want it all the more.

Whatever the reason, here are my tips to stop eating so much of the sweet stuff.

  1. Use caution with diet drinks. Some experts suspect that by allowing yourself that sweet taste frequently during the day, you’re just setting yourself up to crave it.
  2. In the kitchen, cut 25 percent of sugar. Most baked goods won’t suffer. Do the same for sauces and dressings. Decrease the sweetener in coffee and tea by 25 percent and eventually 50 percent or more.
  3. Use Splenda or other artificial sweeteners, including their baking blends.
  4. Use portion-controlled desserts such as ice cream bars and 100-calorie packs of cookies.
  5. newsletter-graphicDon’t bring junk into your house.
  6. Don’t feel you have to avoid naturally occurring sugars, like those in fruit and milk, that come packed with nutrients. That's where you actually can satisfy your sweet tooth.

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is a registered dietitian and consultant to the food industry with Jill Weisenberger Health Communications LLC.

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Last updated and/or approved: May 2011.
Original article appeared in January/February 2008 former print magazine. This general health-care information is not meant as individual advice. Please see our disclaimer.
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Go low Gi
written by Jon , May 08, 2011

I find that when people follow a low GI diet plan they are weaned off sugar well. The problem with targeting the obvious sources, such as soda, candy and table sugar, is that people then just crave bread, pasta and other high GI carbs without realizing why.

Give you client / patient a clear list of foods to eat and then they can self-wean off sugar in a more controlled way and help to manage their weight also.

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